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About ASYM

ASYM’s primary aim is to meet the immediate and long term needs of street children by providing them with accommodation, education and training, employment creation and supporting their families and communities.

Our purpose is to invest in young people through rescuing, restoring and re-integrating street children into the society, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. In this way we are targeting the key issues which drive children on to the streets.

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ASYM stands for – AFRICA STREET YOUTH MINISTRIES – this reflects our desire to work across the continent of Africa.

ASYM is a purpose driven Christian charity formed in 2009 that aims to work in close strategic partnerships with all street children servicing organisations in Zimbabwe and Africa, government agencies, business people, voluntary groups, churches and individuals

We have also purchased rural land to build upon in Zimbabwe and create – in the longer term – a ‘Full Life Park’ which will provide a sanctuary of hope with practical, physical, emotional and spiritual support to street children.

All staff and volunteers in ASYM are united by a common Christian faith and a belief that:

Street Children deserve to be shown that each and every one is a unique human being loved by God, deserving of equal human rights and dignity.

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  1. Kwirirai Chigerwe permalink

    May God help us all to see His heart and love for all. Thank you AYSM

  2. Daphine Mudarikwa permalink

    I also want to work with you guys and help these children. God bless you…

  3. Tsitsi Kativhu permalink

    A very noble cause, may the good Lord bless your effort!

    • Andrew permalink

      Apologies I did not mean to press the unlike button, it was a mistake but I cannot change it! Have pressed like as well 🙂 It’s great work ASYM does God bless.

  4. shepherd mureriwa permalink

    Thank you for a job well done God bless you.

  5. shepherd mureriwa permalink

    Thank you for job welldone God bless you.

  6. I liked the programme and vision of ASYM may the lord take far

  7. Farai Katiro permalink

    Thank you for your encouraging words. God bless. Farai ASYM

  8. Earnest Maswera permalink

    That purpose may be fulfilled in this big dream

  9. Pastor Anthony Phiri permalink

    i have head about this from Dr Farai when he came to Zambia for a church conference .we need to start this in Zambia.

    • Farai Katiro permalink

      Through His help, we are there to serve this special population in Africa! Farai ASYM.

  10. Thank you Dr Katiro.
    This indeed, is a worthy cause and as The Joshua Generation we share the same understanding with you,
    We will find ways to partner with you in a manner that primarily glorify God, develop His people and extend His Kingdom.
    kindly visit our website for more information

  11. Kudzaishe J Nyamupingidza permalink

    I’m very much honored to be one of first ASYM beneficiaries. I happened to reside by the first ASYM established home from 2012 while I was in form 2 till 2016 when i had completed my A Level studies. In 2014 i did my O Level and passed with 8 Subjects of 4 grade A’s 2 grade B’s and 2 grade C’s. In my whole life I had never experienced that warm motherly love but for the first time ever in my life while I was at ASYM. I was cared for, provided for and most importantly I was loved unconditionally. I thank The Almighty God for rising people like Dr Farai Katiro who have visions not for themselves but for the future which is why he got engaged into this ASYM act of charity. i pray that may God continue to bless Dr Farai Katiro, his family and all his team members who makes it possible for ASYM to achieve its Goals.

    • Thank you for your message Kudzaishe. My apologies it took so long to approve. We value your words and are grateful God allowed us to be part of your journey. God bless you and keep you.

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