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For the benefit of any street child we come into contact with between the ages of 6-18 years we will:

  1. Provide a safe and healthy family setting model of accommodation/residence facilities for all street children who we make contact with.
  2. Offer education support and vocational training in various practical disciplines (to former street children) with the view of equipping them to live economically independent lives.
  3. Create viable employment opportunities that former street children can undertake through establishing ASYM affiliated companies – enabling ASYM to operate as a professional and sustainable charity capable of delivering its vision.
  4. Offer opportunities and appropriate psycho-social support for former street children to fully develop in every area of their lives – economically, morally, psychologically, spiritually and socially – maximizing their full potential.
  5. Work very closely with all street children servicing organisations and other relevant stakeholders at both national and international levels; with the view to offering improved services to street children and implementing best practices in the field.
  6. Advocate for the rights of children, particularly street children, and promote awareness of their plight and influence policy makers at both local and international levels.
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