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How To Help

Our vision is big because the need is great; we would welcome donations of prayer, time, skills, advice, resources or finances. We are grateful to those who gives their time and resources to help ASYM, for example:

An 8 year old girl in the UK raise £1,000 doing an 8 mile sponsored walk for ASYM

An intrepid walker, James Beardall, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice to raise money for ASYM

Friends of ASYM sponsored chicks on our farm for just £5 each to help us generate income from our land

A family with young children undertook a week long walking holiday to raise money for ASYM

School children of St Thomas Moore High School, Crewe donated money from their non-school uniform day

We are honoured by the businesses that tithe to ASYM and the churches who regularly share their offerings.

All these endeavours and many others are amazing and every penny/cent raised goes to extend our vital work in Zimbabwe. To help you understand where your money could be used, you can find out more about the price of ASYM’s work here.

ASYM opened its first home in Mutare, Zimbabwe in October 2011. Currently five children currently live with us in two locations. All funds raised are used to pay for this home and educate the children. We are regularly asked to expand our work into other African countries; without more resoucres we cannot yet fulfil this huge need.

All donations will be held by ELIM (A UK registered charity, no. 251549).

Please send all gifts and documents via the Treasurer:

Bernard Clarke, Treasurer (UK)
c/o Hilltop, 21 Swan Bank, Talke, Staffordshire, ST7 1PR, United Kingdom
Tel: (UK) 07507 328 269

Please make any cheques payable to ‘ELIM’ and mark on the back ‘For ASYM’.

Giving Forms
Please download and use the most appropriate form:

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