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The Price of ASYM

December 7, 2012

Many people ask us about the daily costs of running a home for street children.

To help our supporters we’ve listed a small range of items and ideas to demonstrate where the money given to ASYM goes. Most of our work is undertaken by volunteers and those people who do work for ASYM as paid staff do so on low incomes, often giving many extra hours as volunteers themselves.

All our money is overseen by ELIM, an international charity based in the UK, to ensure we utilise every penny given for the benefit and help of street children in Africa.

Your gifts for our home in Mutare (that can house 6 children) provide the money* to…

  • Employ 2 full-time staff to care and support the children at $650 / £406 per month
  • Feed the children 3 good meals a day $250 / £156 per month
  • Pay for all the daily costs of running our home (food, bills, clothes, etc.) is $500 / £313 per month
  • Ensure each child can go to school and receive vital education the fees are around $800 / £500 per school year
  • Cover medical bills, which must be paid for; for example a doctor’s visit can cost about $70 / £45

To repair the building on our farm land and begin to use this as a resource for ASYM to earn income costs…

  • For all the materials and equipment $1300 / £813 to repair our building
  • And to employ a Farm Manager $300 / £188 per month

Thank you for taking the time to consider ASYM’s needs and we are always humbled and encouraged when people give their money, time and prayers to support our work.

If you wish to find out more please feel free to contact us direct!

*Please note gifts can be given in US dollars in Zimbabwe or pounds sterling in the UK. The exchange rate fluctuates so the exact costs vary from day to day.

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